• Model: SR1 LED Dental Operating Light

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Model designation: SR1
Weight: 1.6kg
Light source: 1 light-emitting diodes (Using Manual knob to switch to the composite function)
Luminance: Adjustable from <10,000 to >30,000 lux acc. to ISO 9680
Light control: Non-touch sensor brightness control
Color temperature: 5,000K±10%
Unit Model power connection: AC12/24V
Power consumption of operating light: 10VA
Degree of protection against ingress of water: Ordinary equipment (IPX 0 - without protection against ingress of water)
Modes of operation: Continuous operation
Transport and storage conditions: Temperature: -40℃ — +70℃       Relative humidity: 10% — 95%
Operating conditions: Ambient temperature:10℃ — 40℃  Relative humidity: 30% — 85%
Dimension of Light head, Movement and mounting
luminance diagram
Caution: This unit has been thoroughly tested and inspected to assure proper performance and operation!
型号: SR1
光源: 1个发光二极管(LED)(通过手动旋钮切换到黄光树脂保护模式)
照度: 从<10,000到>30,000可调,符合YY/T 1120-2021 牙科学 口腔灯
灯光控制方式: 红外感应开关控制无级调光
色温: 5,000K±10%
机装式输入电压: AC12/24V
口腔灯耗电量: 10VA
防水等级: 一般设备(IPX 0-无对水的入侵做特别防护)
工作模式: 连续工作模式
运输及存储条件: 温度:-40℃ — +70℃     相对湿度:10% — 95%
工作条件: 环境温度:10℃ — 40℃   相对湿度:30% — 85%