• MedFruition is established in 2012, is High-tech enterprises in China, is ISO 13485:2016 qualified factory. We make our best to create customer value. MedFruition develops good quality medical products based on the customer need and the key capabilities of our team and our close partners of quality control and precise manufacturing.

    Nowadays we stepped into the fields of Advanced optics development, Medical lightings, and medical imagine recording.

    With our expertise in areas related to market demand study, optics development and product design, we are carefully expending our portfolio and serve our customer with good design and high quality reliable products.

    M O R E

    ISO 13485:2016 Qualified Factory

Medfruition Electronics provides services that covers the whole process, including industrial design for customers, engineering design, mold development, testing and certification, series production and delivery services. Medfruition Electronics provides turn-key solution under low risk and low investment, along with the largest return. Medfruition Electronics provides customers with dental operating lights which can reach the Top level worldwide.